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Learn LVGL V7!

NB. This course is based on version 7.
Version 8 is now released and we are working to bring you new content

What is the LVGL
LVGL (Light and Versatile Graphics Library) is an open-source graphics library providing everything you need to create embedded GUI with easy-to-use graphical elements, beautiful visual effects and low memory footprint.

You can visit the official website at
What we offer
We offer the ONLY online course in mastering LVGL. We cover the basics on how the library works, how to use the simulators as well as usage on a variety of chips including the Arduino and the ESP32
Who is this course for
This Course is for anyone who wants to add graphics to their electronic projects. To get the most out of this course we recommend that you have a good grasp of the C language and are familiar with your chip of choice.


Lvgl intro

Intro to LVGL

Lvgl demo



Simulator Choice

Simulator choices

Visual Studio

using Visual Studio

Using Eclipse

using Eclipse

Simulator Orientation

Simulator Orientation

Course Integration

Course source code Integration


LVGL Base object

LVGL Base object


label widgets

Basic Widgets

learn the basic widgets

Basic Event

Basic events

More on events

advanced events

Button check-toggle

Using button States


laying out a page

Pages, Windows and Tabs

Laying out Pages, Windows and Tabs


The List Widget

Button Matrix

Buttons in a grid


The Chart Widget


the Gauge Widget

Widget Conclusion

Widget Conclusion



Introduction to styling

Basic Styles

basic styling

Style Parts

The parts of styles

Local Styles

Local Styles

Advanced Styling

advanced concepts in styling

Images, Fonts And Symbols

Basic Fonts

using basic fonts

Custom Fonts

importing alternative fonts

Font Symbols

using icons

Image Basics

using images

Image Canvas

using the canvas to create an image



animating widgets

Chip Setup

Arduino setup

Setting up the Arduino environment

ESP32 getting started

Getting started with the ESP32

ESP32 with generic board

using a generic TFT board with the ESP32

Esp32 on pre-defined dev board

Esp32 on a pre-defined dev-board

Run ESP32

running code on the esp32


Setup and run on the STM32

Groups and Inputs


Introduction to Inputs and Groups

Externl Button

Interaction with external button

External Button on ESP32

Demo Ext btn on ESP32

External Button on Arduino

Demo Ext btn on Arduino

Mouse and Touch

Using the mouse and touchpad

Keybored and Keypad

using the keyboard or keypad

Demo using Keyboard

Demo of a keyboard on ESP32 and Arduino

Text Inputs

Capture text inputs

Creating a Menu

Showcase creating a simple menu

More on Groups

Advanced features of groups

Demo using an encoder

Demo using a rotary encoder

Encoder on ESP32

encoder on the ESP32


setup code for encoder

Encoder on Arduino

encoder on the Arduino

Encoder 3 Btn System

Using an encoder for a 3 btn system


Tasks Intro

Introduction to tasks

Basic Tasks

basic tasks

Task interrupt with simulator

interrupts with simulator

Tasks and interrupts

integration with interrupts

Tasks lvgl and RTOS

integration with FreeRtos

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